About Us

Welbeloond is a boutique wine farm, perfectly located at the start of the Durbanville Hills Wine Route with 600 hectares of arable land for roaming. This renowned estate offers travellers comfortable, Cape Dutch-style cottage accommodation for the ultimate country experience. Situated a mere 30 minutes from Cape Town’s city centre, it’s the perfect weekend destination, steeped in history and the scenic beauty of the Durbanville Valley.

In fact, the homestead on the farm dates as far back as 1785, when it was originally used as an outpost by Jan van Riebeeck. In 1905, the Mellish family took over for wheat and dairy production, later planting the vines that would yield exceptional wines .

Today, it is still run by the Mellish family, who are dedicated to the task of preserving its history, while using modern methods to offer exceptional wine-making, and allowing visitors a memorable and affordable stay.